Inspired by Clients • Driven by Passion

About Parkyn Design

It starts with a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you are familiar or not with the design process, the staff and studio at Parkyn Design combine to create a warm and non-intimidating place where the work of designing a home is relaxing and enjoyable.

Through a team driven approach with the client at the centre, Parkyn Design creates spaces that are intensely personal - an approach that can only come from taking the time to get to know you.

The client/designer fit is important as clients move through the process of building or renovating. At Parkyn Design, this relationship is an assurance that your desires are translated professionally and correctly to the team of builder/trades and design staff on your job.

Great interior design is about you. It reflects personality, complements lifestyle and has the ability to evolve. The personal interest in you and your dreams, infused with a passion for excellence means that Parkyn Design will assure that architectural details, themes, colours, textures, fabrics, even artwork are carefully chosen and tailored to you. The process is passionate and rewarding for everyone.

Superior Multifunctional Design

It is natural to gravitate toward a 'style' and Parkyn Design believes that good design transcends any style. No matter what style or combinations of styles are used, the space should be multifunctional, should meet present day needs, yet stand the test of time. This long term thinking and planning will add value to your home and will facilitate a return on your investment.

If you are looking for a 'signature' look you won't find it at Parkyn Design. Each client inspires the team to approach their dreams and homes in a fresh and unique way. That means innovation, originality and sustainability designed around you.

If you appreciate and value great design, Parkyn Design is the place to start dreaming.